In our guests’ privacy is of utmost importance to us. Here are the types of personal information is received and collected by the and how they are used.

Policy on Cookies

What are Cookies

The cookies are small text files that are stored in our browser at our browsing internet. Their purpose is to notify the site you visited, for the previous activity. Usually describe our items as the user name (user name) and password for access (password) in order during our visit the same website later, let us «remember» and you do not have to do login.Ta cookies may be obtained from the website of which we have visited or by another (third-party cookies), for example through advertising.

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We use Google products such as Google AdSense or DoubleClick, and we respect the policy of Google «User Consent Policy in the EU».

User Consent Policy in the EU

When using Google products to which this policy applies, they must make certain disclosures and granted certain consents by end users in the European Union.

For end users in the European Union:

  • You need to pay reasonable efforts, in normal commercial practice to disclose clearly and obtain consent for any collection, disclosure and use of data occurs on any website, application, publishing email or other property as a result of use Google’s products and
  • You need to pay reasonable efforts, during normal business practice in order to ensure that the end user in possession of clear and detailed information and consent to the storage and access of cookie or other information on the device, where it occurs or as that activity in relation to the product in which this policy applies.

You can read the policy here.

We use the Google Analytics service for data extraction on our advertisements (prch.dimografika items) and specifications tiroumai policy Google «policy requirements for advertising functions of Google Analytics»

Policy Requirements for advertising operations to Google Analytics

With advertising functions Google Analytics, you can activate the Analytics functions not available through the standard applications. In advertising functions include:

  • Remarketing with Google Analytics
  • View Report on the Google Display Network
  • Reports’ Demographics’ and ‘Interests’ Google Analytics’
  • Integrated services require from Google Analytics to collect data through advertising cookie and anonymous identifiers

Activating advertising functions allow to Google Analytics collects data about your traffic through Google advertising cookie and anonymous identifiers, additional data collected through basic implementation of Google Analytics. If you use the advertising features of Google Analytics, compliance with this policy is required, regardless of how you send data to Google Analytics (for example, through the tracking code Google Analytics, the SDK to Google Analytics or measurement protocol ).

You will not facilitate the merger personally identifiable information with non-personally identifiable information collected through any promotional product or function of Google, unless you have provided sufficient notice and received the consent (ie. Entry form) user in this merger.

If you have activated any advertising functions of Google Analytics, should let your visitors, revealing the following information in the privacy policy:

  • Advertising operations to Google Analytics that you applied.
  • The manner in which you and the third party vendors are sharing cookie first part (like the cookie Google Analytics) or other identification Part and cookie third party (such as the cookie Google advertising) or other third-party identifiers.
  • The ways in which guests can opt out of the Google Analytics advertising used functions, such as through the Settings advertisements Settings ads for mobile apps or any other available instruments (for example, the organization’s consumers opt NAI).

Also, we recommend that you direct users to the available exclusion options Google Analytics to the web.

EU consensus User Policy

When you use the advertising features of Google Analytics, will also have to comply with the  European Union user consent policy.

Interest-Based Advertising

If you have enabled interest-based advertising, including the remarketing, in Google Analytics to connect to other Google services, require compliance with existing policies for those Google services (such as politics the Google AdWords for interest-based advertising and location  and all AdWords restrictions for sensitive categories and the Political Platform program of DoubleClick services). If you use Google Analytics to collect sensitive information about your visitors as described in the Google AdWords restrictions for sensitive categories, you can use Google Analytics to collect data for interest-based advertising.

Because laws vary depending on the country and region, and because Google Analytics can be used in many ways, Google is not able to provide the exact text to include in your privacy policy. Only you understand the unique aspects and your specific business issues and your privacy policy should respond to this information that only you can provide.

This policy was last updated on 28/07/2015.

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We use cookies for his services facebook, where required, with respect to policy Facebook «Facebook Privacy Policy»

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We also use cookies from service statistics

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Suggested solutions

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We should point out that I highly recommend storing of cookies given that such data are used in the sole ground veltiosi of your own experience throughout the course of your browsing on our site.