Amazon quietly pulls all hoverboards from its site
Here we go again. Months ago, we were the first to report that Amazon had removed Swagway hoverboards from its website, a situation that was reversed soon after with no explanation from the company. But on Tuesday, searches for hoverboards on Amazon returned no results, apart from some accessories.... Read more
MacBook selfie sticks are even more cringeworthy than photos with an iPad
If you thought taking photos in public with an iPad was embarrassing, you haven’t seen the MacBook Selfie Stick. As the name suggests, it’s a selfie stick strong enough to hold a MacBook. But… why? The website for the contraption shows artists using the MacBook Selfie Stick around New... Read more
We tried out a flexible LCD bracelet, and it was the geekiest thing ever
You might be able to buy a smartphone with a slightly curvy screen — both LG and Samsung have one — but now a UK company called FlexEnable is working to deliver screens that are much more curvy, and fully flexible. The company’s booth at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona,... Read more