Try These Toasted Cashew Candy Bars For A Delicious Vegan And Gluten Free Snack
These Toasted Cashew Candy Bars are like a distant memory. We devoured the heck out them a few weeks before our big move. I was planning on being oh-so organized, getting ahead of the game by having a few posts in my arsenal ready to go. Well, the recipe... Read more
Which Diet is Best for You?
It appears we are enduring diet wars among several fronts where individuals are urging others what to eat on a regular basis based on their experiences. There’s raw vegan, vegan, vegetarian, Paleo, and Macrobiotic and others from which to choose. While it’s true that any one of them can... Read more
This Element Helps Prevent and Cure Breast Cancer and Hypothyroidism
Unfortunately, many women have been influenced by Angelina Jolie’s well publicized voluntary double mastectomy to prevent breast cancer because she had a gene that supposedly predisposed her to that disease. This dramatic fear based preemptive intervention ignored any other possibilities of preventing breast cancer naturally and without self-mutilation. One... Read more
How to Find Healthy Breads Even if Gluten Sensitive
Once upon a time, when bread was considered the staff of life, the bread people ate was of a quality that actually supported life. But the wholesome content of ‘our daily bread’ has dwindled greatly since the late 1800s, in a slow and steady decline that began with the... Read more
10 Allergy Remedies You Need to Try
Although antihistamines and other medications are readily available for allergy sufferers, it is still safer to resort to natural means when trying to alleviate symptoms of allergy. Pills can have negative side effects; and the results are always temporary too. With natural remedies, on the other hand, the body... Read more