Great Wall of China
A fascinating man-made structure, The Great Wall of China can be seen from space. Read on for more interesting facts about this awe-inspiring landmark. The Great Wall of China snakes through many provinces of China, including the famed capital, Beijing, which has over 14 million inhabitants. Bordering what is... Read more
Welcome To The Breathtaking Psychedelic Rainbow Mountains Of Peru
In the Andes mountain range of Peru you will find the Willkanuta mountains, a beautiful region inhabited by herding communities. It’s one of the last remaining pastorialist societies you’ll find in the world, earning their living by herding llama and alpaca. The most popular hiking trail through the region... Read more
The ideal time to buy plane tickets for your next trip!
There’s a lot of conflicting information about the best times to buy plane tickets, since airline prices can fluctuate for no obvious reasons, but the general guidelines have mostly remained the same for the past few years. Buying tickets really far ahead of your trip will cost you but... Read more
Cape Town travel tips: Where to go and what to see in 48 hours
Travel essentials Why go now? Economic turmoil in South Africa has made something of a basket case of the rand – you currently get twice the ZAR for your pound than you did 10 years ago. In addition, new air connections spell lower fares. Autumn is on the way,... Read more
Climbing Gunung Merapi, Southeast Asia’s most active volcano
Oliver Jarvis climbs Gunung Merapi volcano and has a reality check while dangling off a cliff face, holding onto a fern root for dear life. Every now and then life pulls the rug from under your feet and leaves you lying on your back – this sibling-esque prank is... Read more
Why It Is Important to Have a Circle of (Travel) Friends
We have heard about countless travelling stories all over the internet – from solo travellers to families and couples. Yet, relationships tend to be brittle, and moments just come and go. Travelling is a great bonding experience, and it’s great that it has become more available because of seat... Read more