Iggy Pop posed nude for a Brooklyn drawing class, of course
Iggy Pop ditched his  see-through pants and went fully nude earlier this month for a life drawing course at the New York Academy of Art. Artists aged anywhere between 19 and 80 — yes, 80 — gathered to stare at and collectively scrutinize Iggy’s 68-year-old body for an upcoming exhibit... Read more
Ultra rare Beatles record that lay in attic for 50 years up for sale
LONDON — A spectacularly rare Beatles record that lay forgotten in a loft for half a century is set to go on sale. A 10-inch recording of «Till There Was You» and «Hello Little Girl» dating back to 1962 has been languishing in an attic at the home of... Read more
Hang Drum: An unusual musical instrument!

Hang Drum: An unusual musical instrument!

Music Δεκέμβριος 5, 2015

What Is A Hang Drum? The term hang drum is a misnomer for a musical instrument or “sound sculpture” called a Hang. What Is A Hang? In November 1999, instrument builders Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer of PANArt created the first Hang(Plural: Hanghang) prototype in Bern, Switzerland. Hang means... Read more