A Fantastic Board That Combines Both Surfing and Flight
Water sports couldn’t get any less than awesome with this new innovative gadget. French jet ski champion Franky Zapata has invented an aquatic version of a sci-fi skate board that was used in the film Back To The Future by character Marty McFly. The new Hoverboard by ZR looks... Read more
Slackliners Relax While Suspended 400 Feet Above Ground In Hand-Knitted Hammock
Let me first just warn that the following is something that I’d expect no inexperienced person to try. After his performance in the Superbowl 46 Half-time show, Andy Lewis became a common household name. That is because , for the show, he jumped, danced, flipped and did the splits... Read more
Climbing Gunung Merapi, Southeast Asia’s most active volcano
Oliver Jarvis climbs Gunung Merapi volcano and has a reality check while dangling off a cliff face, holding onto a fern root for dear life. Every now and then life pulls the rug from under your feet and leaves you lying on your back – this sibling-esque prank is... Read more