It’s called Pop Up House the prefabricated house designed by Multipod Studioand can be built in just four days, as well as being environmentally... A HOUSE OF 1600 SQFT BUILD IN 4 DAYS AND WITH LESS THAN 40.000 DOLLARS

It’s called Pop Up House the prefabricated house designed by Multipod Studioand can be built in just four days, as well as being environmentally friendly and fully recyclable. All that you will need is limited to a screwdriver, to screw and prefabricated panels. The Pop Up House is the work of design Multipod Studio, a French company, located in Marseille.

The prototype is designed to be assembled easily and in a short time, even by less experienced or even novice in the building: just simply follow the instruction manual provided. Indeed, the house is made exclusively by a series of prefabricated wooden panels and with insulating material, provided with joints designed to be connected to each other as if they were Lego pieces. 


With this we found significantly reduces the cost and time of construction, while the costs for the starting materials may vary depending on the choice of the thickness but, on average, the price, for the walls to the floors and to the roof, wanders around70 dollars for square feet. The cost of materials and manufacture are then added those of interior finishes, finishes for the exterior, those for the electrical systems and plumbing, waterproofing and heating.

The French company has devised the Pop Up House right on the basis of the needs of a typical modern family taking into account the main factors such as energy efficiency, respect and environmental sustainability, the speed of implementation and the price. The first prototype is a house of 16.000 square feets designed for do it yourself and also a part of the assembly may take place in the laboratory.


The panels chosen, after various in-depth studies, are the LVL, Laminated Veneer Lumber, in wood, a product obtained by the assembly of thin wood layers with performance to ensure excellent mechanical performance in addition to a high fire resistance. The panels are coated with EPS, expanded polystyrene, a material that ensures the thermal insulation thanks to the reflection and absorption of most of the thermal radiation. The Eps, gray in color, contains graphite which has an excellent insulating capacity but on request can be used other insulating materials, such as panels of wood fiber, expanded cork, rock wool or polyurethane foam, as long as low- density.

It is thanks to the high thermal insulation capacity that the Pop-House is identified as a passive building. Indeed, the house is so well insulated that the weather outside does not interfere at all with the internal environment as to make it almost useless, if not for a few hours a day at certain times of the year the installation of heating in winter or of air conditioners in the summer.

Another strength of the Pop Up House is recyclability, due to the possibility of easy disassembly and then re-use of the panels, the wooden material and the insulating material to 100%, in addition to the great help offered to the environment thanks to the emission limit for air conditioners and the limit for the production and disposal of waste.

For the interior, the passage of the plants is secured by the slots inside the panels that form the walls and floors; Finally, in addition to the high functionality of the dwelling, the details, internal and external, to satisfate the aesthetic requirements of each possible buyer, can be chosen between several variations.

So a house that wants to come right into the daily life of families and a alternatives to the usual materials, for efficiency, environmental friendliness, ease of construction and particularly low costs and affordable for everyone.